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Mist Applications
Mist Applications
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Mist Applications
The evolution of Misting technology has been for various sizes of fine or micro droplets in various applications. For such purposes, High pressure pump misting system, Ultrasonic vibration misting system, and impinging jet atomization system, etc. have been developed. Each system has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, “ultrasonic vibration misting system” is excellent in producing micro water droplets but not capable of large area misting; “impinging jet atomization system” has a low-cost advantage but the water droplet is comparably large; “high pressure pump misting system” produces very fine water droplets but requires pump maintenance.

The mist created by misting system is consist of air and very fine water droplet at size between 0.01 mm to 0.05 mm. These droplets float in the air for some time before being vaporized or falling to the ground. The misting system can be used for cooling, disinfection for public area, dust suppression, odor control for landfill or waste water treatment, static electricity control in industrial production, fire control, and special effects for artificial landscape.

Tanong’s DIAMOND high pressure pumps are the core of our misting systems. Supported by our own developed logic control system, our misting systems allow users to select or setup the most proper mode for their misting need. We have a wide range of specifications in misting pumps and misting machines for choices. Verified by our customers worldwide, our misting series are proved to be reliable and high value.
  • Mist cooling

    In the process of evaporation, liquid consumes surrounding heat energy and turns into gas. The mist cooling system perfectly demonstrate this physics. Once the liquid is atomized into a large amount of micro droplets by a high pressure pump and nozzles, the droplets will instantly use the heat around them as energy for vaporizing and thus reduce the surrounding temperature. The higher temperature and lower humidity, the more effective the cooling is.
    To allow atomized droplets vaporize before falling to the ground, the size of droplet must be as fine as possible and mist volume as large as possible in order to absorb as much heat energy to cool down the surrounding.

  • Mist disinfection

    The misting system can be used for decontamination by adding small dose of disinfectant which is low in acid and in alkaline into the liquid. The mist will spread widely and thoroughly and is an efficient and effective way to protect people from virus like SARS, COVID, and Dengue fever, etc.
  • Insects repellent

    The mist produced by high pressure pump and misting nozzles can be an effective tool to repel insects among plants and bushes. The fine water droplets will attach to insects’ wings and disable them from flying, therefore reduce their chance of harming people.
  • Odor control

    By adding non-toxic chemical or essential plant oils such as Eucalyptus Oil and Peppermint Oil, etc., to the misting system, the atomized mist will neutralize or absorb the odor compounds in the air and therefore control odor in the environment. This method is widely used in waste plant, wastewater treatment plant, landfill, compost area, and livestock farm, etc.
  • Dust suppression for construction site

    The size of water droplets produced by our misting systems can be between 10μm and 50μm, these floating water droplets will add moist and weight to the dust particles forcing the dust to fall to the ground. Since dust particles are the cause to several human health problems, dust control and suppression are important in the fields like construction sites and dusty environments. High pressure pump misting system is a low-cost yet effective solution for such needs.
  • Fire control

    The water droplets produced by high pressure misting system and nozzles can be smaller than 200 μm. When large amount of high dense mist is spread into a high heat area in fire, they will be turned into gas instantly and enlarge their volume by 1700 times. This instant volume increase will force the oxygen to leave the area and suffocate the fire. At the same time, in the process of vaporization, the heat will be consumed and temperature will be decreased. A great solution to put fire under control.


  • Special effects misting for landscape

    High pressure misting system is capable of turning water into large amount of floating micro droplets in the air. This creates a fog-like effect which is enjoyed by most people who desire being in nature. At the same time, negative ions created in mist are believed to be beneficial to human health. The amount of negative ions in misting area can be as many as 100,000 to 150,000 per cubic centimeter, which is 1,000 to 5,000 times to urban residential area.
  • Environment humidification and climate control

    The fine water droplets produced by misting system will float and spread in the surrounding, an effectively way to increase humidity in the area and provide instant moisture to objects in that area. In several commercial and industrial areas, man-made humidity are necessary. Different degree of humidity are required to prevent conditions like over-dry, cracking, statics, etc. in flower farming, timber processing, textile yarning and weaving, paper pulp processing, and greenhouse farming, etc.
  • Machine-made snow

    Snow can be made from frozen tiny water droplets. Once the tiny water droplets are produced by high pressure pump and misting nozzles, dry and sub-zero cold air is blown to freeze these droplets and turn them into snowflakes. This method is suitable for cold and low humidity climate. It is also a good solution to create an indoor artificial ski area.
  • Static electricity control for Textile industry

    During the transport and handling of some industrial materials, statics can be serious problems. They could not only cause fires but also be harmful to human and machines. Misting can be helpful in solving this problem. The moisture sent out by the misting system can be spread all over the surrounding. Such mist acts as a conductor to release the statics to prevent statics accumulation in the air to ensure the safety.

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