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HTP Power Sprayer (Stationary Belt-Drive)

The development of stationary belt-drive power sprayer can be traced back nearly a century ago. Its main design concept is using the belt and pulley system to transfer the rotational power from the rotating axis of power source to the crank mechanism of a sprayer pump, convert this power into reciprocating motion through the mechanical design of the crankshaft and connecting rod, with the design of one-way valves, to produce volume differentiation inside the cylinder chamber and effectively transport fluid and produce pressure.

HTP Power Sprayer (Direct Drive)

Traditional sprayers require additional lubrication to prevent oil leakage during operation, and using belt pulleys for speed reduction may lead to wear and tear. Diamond direct-drive sprayers utilize a 1:4 gearbox to reduce size and avoid belt damage. This improves power transmission efficiency and reduces operating costs.

Accessories For Agricultures And LiveStock Farming Sprayers

Agriculture, gardening, and livestock are highly diversified industries, yet the applications of spraying are commonly applied in these fields. Due to the complexity and variability of application in different fields, the broad varieties and diversity of spraying accessories has become a must. For agricultural and livestock, the spraying accessories mostly include spray guns, nozzles, high-pressure hoses and hose fittings, other ancillary accessories such as supporting frames, hose reels, as well as related tools for carrying and stirring disinfectants. There are also various types of auxiliary equipment to assist users in their spraying jobs

Misting series

Tanong’s misting products include Misting pumps, Misting systems, and Misting fans. These misting products use misting nozzles with micro pores, or give pressure to fluid to produce micro droplets, these micro droplets can be floating in the flowing air and staying in the air for extended time.

Misting Accessories

To maximize the work of misting system and to satisfy the needs in various applications, we supply a wide range of accessories in nozzles, soft pipes (PVC tubes), hard pipes (brass or stainless steel), couplings, water-proof fans, extension fittings and supporting racks, etc.

Triplex Pump/Plunger Pumps

A Triplex Pumps/Plunger Pumps is a device that moves fluid by mechanical action from one place to another through hydraulic energy. Such pumps include plunger pump, piston pump, gear pump, and multistage centrifugal pump, etc. Our high pressure pumps are mainly the type of crankshaft driven reciprocating positive-displacement plunger pumps, along with few piston pumps and radial axial block driven pumps.

High Pressure Washer

The high-pressure washer harnesses the power of high-pressure water flow to effectively remove dirt and contaminants, significantly enhancing cleaning efficiency. By increasing water pressure and flow, it rapidly cleans a variety of surfaces, tackling even the most stubborn stains with ease.

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