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Misting Accessories


History of Stationary Belt-Drive Power Sprayer

To maximize the work of misting system and to satisfy the needs in various applications, we supply a wide range of accessories in nozzles, soft pipes (PVC tubes), hard pipes (brass or stainless steel), couplings, water-proof fans, extension fittings and supporting racks, etc.


Applications of Stationary Belt-Driven Power Sprayer

Different sizes of areas and conditions require different types of misting machines and accessories. For example, in some areas, moisture increase must be precise, pedestrians or living creatures are sensitive to mist droplets, installation area has challenging terrain or environment, air flow is poor, or specific mist airborne time is requested, etc. For all these issues, Tanong supplies a wide range of misting accessories for various flow rate and easy installation. The connectors can be push-in-lock or screw-on-lock, it all depends on installer’s practice and actual environment setup. We also provide accessories planning and recommendation service to suit for on-site electricity and water supply location, or specific request for mist floating direction and scale.

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