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Agricultural Nozzles

To meet the needs of diverse planting patterns in agriculture and forestry, manufacturers of spray tools continuously develop new types of nozzles to improve spraying effectiveness. In general, the types of agricultural spray nozzles can be categorized as follows:
  • Hollow cone nozzles

    Hollow cone nozzles produce a spray pattern that resembles a hollow cone shape. The hollow cone spray pattern allows for efficient coverage, and the spraying droplets can easily penetrate dense foliage,giving effective deposition of spray material onto target leaves.
  • Wide-angle flat fan nozzles

    Wide-angle flat fan nozzles produce a wide spray pattern in the shape of a flat fan. This type of nozzle produces strong and forceful spray of liquid, to push through foliage, ensuring thorough coverage of spray material on both sides of leaf surface.
  • Straight stream nozzles

    Straight stream nozzles produce a concentrated and forceful stream of liquid spray. They are designed to maximize the spray distance and reach.
  • Adjustable nozzles

    Adjustable nozzles combine the features of both hollow cone nozzles and straight stream nozzles. They have a versatile design that allows users to adjust the spray pattern and spray angle according to different application needs. By using adjustment knobs or handles, users can switch between a hollow cone spray pattern and a straight stream spray pattern. This flexibility enables users to easily adapt to various spraying scenarios and spray-range.
  • Multi-hole nozzles

    Compared to single-hole nozzles, multi-hole nozzles have multiple outlets or orifices through which the spray volume is more. This design allows for the spraying of a larger volume of liquid in the same amount of time, resulting in higher spray efficiency.
  • Air-assisted nozzles

    Air-assisted nozzles utilize a design with an air cap or air chamber that combines turbulent airflow with atomized spray solution to create a spray pattern that resembles bubbles. These white bubble-like spray particles are less susceptible to drift caused by wind, allowing for more precise application on restricted or small-area crops.

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