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HTP Power Sprayer (With Manual Pressure Regulator)


The History of HTP Power Sprayer (With Manual Pressure Regulator)

The development of traditional stationary power sprayer with manual pressure regulator has been more than half a century. Our power sprayers uses the reciprocating movement of the pump plunger to create high pressure inside the cylinder chamber, forcing the fluid passing through special designed nozzles to atomize the liquid blown by airflow and spray.
The main structure of this type of power sprayer includes plungers, water seal, a crankshaft, connecting rods, a cylinder chamber, inlet and outlet water chambers, valves, lubrication supply system, an air chamber, and a pressure gauge. This power sprayer must be powered by a motor or engine, the power is transmitted to the crankshaft pulley through a belt to make the crankshaft rotate. This rotary action, through the connecting rod, converts the rotary motion of the crankshaft into reciprocating movement of the plunger.

The Feature Of HTP Power Sprayer (With Manual Pressure Regulator)

To ensure stable spray pressure, our power sprayers are mostly designed with triplex plungers. The suction and discharge of the liquid are both controlled by one-way valves. As the plungers move at high speed inside the cylinder and can be easily worn, there is a grease cup built above the cylinder for lubricating the plungers. In addition, the crankcase also contains machine oil to lubricate the moving parts inside, such as the crankshaft, connecting rod, plungers, and plunger stem and bearings.
In order to produce different pressures for different applications and to regulate proper bypass rate, a pressure regulator is applied. Also, in order to minimize the pulsation from fluid suction and discharging, an air chamber is assembled. 
Due to the intricate design of the structure which involves considerations of material selection, precision in processing and assembly, and structure durability under reasonable operation, our 50+ years of RD and manufacturing experience guarantees highly consistent product quality. Furthermore, from years of accumulated feedback from users, our standard power sprayers with manual pressure regulator has fully demonstrated its high durability in the changing operation environment.


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