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HTP Power Sprayer (Stationary Belt-Drive)


History of Stationary Belt-Drive Power Sprayer

The development of stationary belt-drive power sprayer can be traced back nearly a century ago. Its main design concept is using the belt and pulley system to transfer the rotational power from the rotating axis of power source to the crank mechanism of a sprayer pump, convert this power into reciprocating motion through the mechanical design of the crankshaft and connecting rod, with the design of one-way valves, to produce volume differentiation inside the cylinder chamber and effectively transport fluid and produce pressure.
The use of power sprayer rely on not only the sprayer pump and driving power, but also requires various accessories to work together due to the complexity of the applications in fields. Over the past few decades of development, belt-driven power sprayer has formed its own unique product industry worldwide. This includes a wide range of nozzles, spray guns, various types of driving powers, various types of carriages for different fields, and various types of high pressure hoses, and of course various types of pesticides, disinfectants, insecticides, herbicides, and other chemicals.


Applications of Stationary Belt-Driven Power Sprayer

The stationary belt-driven power sprayer has a wide range of applications and can be used for disease control, garden irrigation, agricultural pesticide spraying, and for cleaning glass as well. The power sprayer is not only suitable for agriculture but can also be widely used in industrial. Its applications includes as follows:
  • Pest prevention and control for orchards, vegetable farms, rice fields, etc.
  • Irrigation for highland and hillside;
  • Car wash, livestock barn cleansing, and boat/vessel washing;
  • Raw materials wash in food factories;
  • Water feeding for industrial boilers;
  • Water feeding for air conditioner and cooling system in high buildings;
  • Washing, draining, and water transporting for other purposes.

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