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Misting Pumps


The Importance of Misting Pumps

Tanong has developed a series of high pressure misting plunger pumps for different application scenarios. These pumps are the key components of our high pressure misting systems. As all kind of misting systems worldwide are working in long-term intermittent operation, the high pressure misting pump, as the core component of the system, requires outstanding performance


The Feature Of DIAMOND Misting Pump

Our misting pumps are made for excellent long-term continuous operation performance, the structural design and material selection are for effectively sustain the impact damage caused by intermittent starting. During operation, in addition to maintenance such as changing oil, the average continuous operating life of consumables parts (oil packing, water seal) can be more than 800-1200 hours, and the durability of the body can exceeds 3000 hours. The paired motor has an average durable life that even exceeds the pump body while being used within the voltage fluctuation range of ±15%.

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