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Misting series


What is Misting series products

Tanong’s misting products include Misting pumps, Misting systems, and Misting fans. These misting products use misting nozzles with micro pores, or give pressure to fluid to produce micro droplets, these micro droplets can be floating in the flowing air and staying in the air for extended time.

Application of Misting series products

Misting products are commonly used in cooling, moisturizing, disinfection, odor elimination, dust suppression, fire extinguishing, and special fog effects. It is also used for machine-made snow and static electricity relief. 
  • Mist Cooling

    Mist Cooling is done by the physics that liquid consumes heat energy through evaporation. The goal is to evaporate the mist particles produced by the misting system before they come down to the ground. Therefore, the smaller the mist particle size, the better. Moreover, the smaller the mist particle size, the larger the overall surface area of the mist particles, giving higher evaporation rate of the mist particles and a better cooling effect through evaporation.
  • Mist Humidification

    Mist humidification is using the ability of micro water droplets to float in the air and evenly distribute to the desired space, rapidly increasing the relative humidity of the surrounding, and help the objects in that space quickly absorb moisture to achieve humidification. In many commercial and industrial areas, humidity needs to be artificially controlled. A specific humidity level can prevent dryness, cracking of objects, static electricity, and enhance plant growth, etc. Such as flower planting industry, wood industry, textile industry, paper industry, greenhouse planting, and so on.
  • Mist Disinfection

    A misting system can be used with low-acid or low-alkaline disinfectant and to spray mist evenly in desired area for comprehensive epidemic prevention. Such as environmental disinfection for disease like Covid-19 and dengue fever, etc.
  • Odor control

    To eliminate odor molecules, non-toxic neutralizing agents, or essential plant oils such as eucalyptus and peppermint oil, etc., can be added to the misting system. After the work of misting system, the atomized micro droplets will eliminate the odor molecules in the air.
  • Dust Suppression

    The fine water droplets produced by misting systems at approximately 10μm can be floating like fog. It will attach the dust particles in the air on their surfaces. The gravity will drag the dust to the ground to achieve the effect of dust prevention.
  • Mist Fire extinguishing

    Mist Fire extinguishing is using the micro water droplets, produced by high-pressure misting nozzles, at average diameter less than 200μm in size, to extinguish fires. At large contact surface and high density, once the mist exposed to high temperature flames, they quickly vaporized and expanded over 1700 times in volume. This instant volume increase greatly reduce the oxygen concentration in the fire area. It has strong vaporization cooling effect and oxygen-blocking suffocation effect, while absorbing a large amount of heat. It works on both oxygen-blocking and reducing temperature at the same time to achieve the purpose of fire extinguishing rapidly.
  • Special fog effect for landscape

    Special fog effect for landscape is created by large amount of floating micro water droplets in the air, similar to a concentrated natural fog. This fog alike effect satisfies the desire of modern people to experience and reconnect with nature. This artificial nature-like fog can be created for various designs to attract people. The large amount of negative ions created along with the artificial fog can be as many as 100,000 to 150,000 per cubic centimeter, which is 1,000 to 5,000 times that in an ordinary urban residential area.

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