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HTP Power Sprayer (With Auto Pressure Unloader)


The History Of HTP Power Sprayer (With Auto Pressure Unloader)

The power sprayer with auto pressure unloader was originally developed in Taiwan in 90s. It uses a mechanical structure to trigger pressure release mechanism when pressure changes. Compared with traditional power sprayer with manual pressure regulator, this auto pressure unloader does not require manual operation on pressure unloading valve to control the pressure buildup problem when pipeline is closed. Meanwhile, as the overpressure outgoing fluid is adjusted by automatic pressure regulator, it greatly minimize the pulse vibration, therefore the installation of the air chamber becomes an optional choice.


The Feature Of HTP Power Sprayer (With Auto Pressure Unloader)

The structure of a power sprayer with automatic pressure unloader is mostly same as a power sprayer with manual pressure regulator. Both are driven by an engine or a motor through a belt to rotate the pulley on the crankshaft and drive the connecting rods to move plungers into reciprocating motion.
The rapid movement of the plungers inside the cylinder creates friction which can easily wear out plungers. An oil cup is set up above the cylinder to lubricate the plungers. Meanwhile, the crankcase also contains machine oil, which is used to lubricate the moving parts inside the crankcase, including the crankshaft, connecting rod, plunger, plunger rod, and bearings. The suction and discharge of the fluid are both controlled by one-way valves to limit the flow direction.
Our power sprayers with automatic pressure unloader are particularly suitable for use with closable pipelines. Once the entire spray pipeline is closed, the fluid pressure inside the pipeline will increase suddenly. Operations under such condition for long time will cause pipeline to burst or damage the power sprayer, also, leaving the power sprayer working at high pressure in idle is a waste of energy. Our power sprayer with automatic pressure unloader valve features pressure regulation, automatic pressure relief, and quick pressure restoration, making it highly effective in protecting equipment under challenging environments, saving energy or fuel consumption, and maintaining spray efficiency.


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