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Bringing Vienna's Experience to Create Urban Mist Cooling Systems

Reducing urban temperatures has become a common challenge for major cities in the face of global warming and Heat Island Effect. As a world well known livable city, Vienna's experience in urban cooling is worth learning from. Through advanced mist cooling systems, Vienna has not only successfully reduced urban temperatures but also improved the quality of life for its citizens. These experiences provide valuable references for us in addressing high-temperature.

Vienna's Urban Mist System

In the application of urban mist systems, Vienna has combined advanced technology with urban design which creates multiple successful examples. For instance, the first "Cooling Park" established in Esterházy Park features cooling points. These cooling points consists of three ring structures, each equipped with high-pressure misting nozzles that atomize water to lower the surrounding temperature. These nozzles convert water into extremely fine droplets, which evaporate and carry away heat, reducing the surrounding temperature by up to 6 degrees Celsius.
Additionally, There are 22 "Cooling Streets" being set up in Vienna also use mist cooling systems, effectively lowering street temperatures by 5 to 10 degrees Celsius.


Application of Mist Cooling

As a promoter of mist cooling technology, Tanong is dedicated to introducing this technology to more application scenarios. Its core component, the "high-pressure pump," is self-developed, ensuring stable performance and high efficiency. Based on this, Tanong provides efficient and economical mist cooling solutions suitable for home backyards, outdoor restaurants, and various commercial spaces. The Diamond brand mist cooling system not only effectively lowers temperatures and creates a comfortable environment but also enhances customer experiences. Easy to install and maintain, it offers a cost-effective and affordable solution.


As global temperatures continue to rise, mist cooling systems will become an increasingly popular choice for households and small businesses. Tanong will continue to focus on technological innovation and enhance product performance to provide users with superior cooling solutions. From Vienna's successful experience, we have seen the vast potential of urban mist systems. 

Leveraging its leading high-pressure pump technology, Danong will diligently explore this field, offering cooling and environmental beautification solutions to users worldwide. If you are interested in our mist systems, please feel free to contact us at any time

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