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Tanong Company implements production dashboard.

Modern management heavily relies on the versatility and convenience provided by Information Technology(IT) information systems. However, the immediacy and accuracy of information collection limit the extent to which generated data can be utilized. Our company has introduced ERP systems for more than 20 years. Many production line operations still rely on manual reporting, which challenges the real-time and effectiveness of information. Therefore, the ERP system still falls short in providing immediate decision-making support for various levels of management.
Given that manual paperwork may compromise the quality and accuracy of decision-making in the future, and considering the Taiwanese government's active support in coaching companies to adopt IT technology to overcome management challenges, Tanong is actively implementing new production information collection software and hardware. We hope to strengthen our management mechanisms in the future by utilizing real-time management dashboards.
With the assistance of Andr Information Company, we have obtained government subsidies from the “Cloud Market Assistance Program” sponsored by the Industrial Development Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Starting from March 2024, we will initiate the plan to set up an automatic industrial worktime reporting software and hardware system. The plan expects to install a production information reporting system for the current 5 production lines within a year. This integration aims to automate labor-intensive tasks such as time calculations, output quantity reporting, and automatic inventory entry under an automated data collection framework. This will enable the timely and accurate functioning of the ERP system's product cost calculation module, inventory operation subsystem, and managerial decision-making system.
We look forward to leveraging modern IT technology to effectively enhance our management standards as a company with over 50 years of experience. This will enable us to maximize benefits for our customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, and government agencies alike.  

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