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Recognition from new customers in the Philippines

Since Chinese provider start to produce cheap power sprayers and enter South East Asia Market, we have lost Philippine market. Even after year 2000, we gradually develop misting systems, high pressure cleaners, pumps, etc, it was still difficult to get in to Philippine’s local market. Main feedback we received is “the product maintains good quality but overpriced”. However, this situation has changed in 2024.
On January 30th, Three representatives from a Philippines company, CREATIVEMIST.NET INC. , Mr. Jermyn Tang,Ms. Regine Tang及Ms. Nina Tonacao, visited Tanong. Three guests were warmly welcomed by the CEO of Tanong and all the members from International Trade department. During the meeting, both sides exchange thoughts and information based on multiple topics such as product application on market, accepting product orders for production and product produce procedure, mist related product knowledge and other technical information sharing. This meeting last for more than 5 hours.
To show high confidence in Tanong’s customer service, product quality, technique support, Mr. Tang has placed an order for over 35,000 dollars, the order includes four big categories of 10 different kind of product samples. These samples will be well produced, packaged and sent to required location in Philippine by Tanong as soon as possible. CREATIVEMIST.NET INC, will call all its technician together to operate and study after samples arrive and share these samples to local dealers to experience the products.
At the same time, Tanong has promised to organize a workshop in Taiwan and invite representatives from CREATIVEMIS.NET INC to join the technical sharing and training sessions for the DIAMOND product lineup. Tanong will also send representatives to the Philippines to conduct market research and exchange market information. We believe that with such active cooperation from both sides, the DIAMOND products will once again be highly praised and accepted by consumers in the Philippines.

Visit from new customers from the Philippines.

Visit from CREATIVEMIST.NET INC. from the Philippines, represented by Mr. Jermyn Tang, Ms. Regine Tang, and Ms. Nina Tonacao on January 30th. During the visit, there was enthusiastic interaction, and both parties took a group photo at the dinner after the meeting.


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