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Misting Fan Series Product Launch Item Expansion Plan

Since 2003, Tanong Corporation has been developing mobile misting fans for 20 years. These products have been selling well in dozens of countries such as the United States, Japan, Australia, and the Middle East. During hot season, they have become a major tool for cooling in outdoor activities worldwide, whether it's outdoor concerts, large sports events, amusement parks, or carnivals, people can see the presence of Mr. Cool misting fans.

In response to user suggestions and requests, we have carried out several redesigns and improvements until the year of 2022, with main changes focusing on improvements in water tank capacity, design, and controller functions. There haven't been many related extended products mainly due to the difficulty in developing fans that are both waterproof and suitable for harsh environments. However, thanks to the efforts of our research and development team, we successfully developed a brand new line of misting fans in the year 2023.

These newly introduced misting fan products include three different forms. First type is axial flow fan-shaped mist dust removal products suitable for environmental dust suppression. There are two types: small portable water tank-style and medium-sized trailer-style. The second type is the 80-inch class giant DC misting fan, especially suitable for open spaces. The last type is a 24-inch product that is an upgrade based on the design of Mr. Cool 18-inch misting fan.

Our company continues to commit to develop more applicable misting-related products, combine with more advanced control concepts. For a wider range of misting application scenarios, we believe DIAMOND will be the world's best supplier of misting products.

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