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Axial vs Triplex Pump: Choosing Right Pump for You (Take cleaning, atomization, or water supply application as examples.)


Types of High-Pressure Pumps

The most popular high-pressure pump used in the fields of cleaning, atomization, or water supply are mainly two types. One is the axial pump that uses a swash plate to push the plunger or piston, and the other is the high-pressure pump that generates flow and pressure by using a crankshaft and connecting rod structure to push the plunger or piston. Among them, the triplex-cylinder is the most popular type of such pumps.

An Overview of Axial Pumps

Axial pumps are high-pressure pumps with relatively simple structures and lower manufacturing costs. Its design is mainly driven by a swash plate, and the reciprocating motion of the plunger is completed by the internal spring to push it back. With plungers set in circular form, it can increase the pump flow by increasing the number of plungers without increasing the pump dimension.

Inside Triplex Plunger Crankshaft-Driven Pumps

The triplex plunger crankshaft-driven pump is a high-pressure pump that has been proved for its stability, pumping efficiency, and reliability. Thanks to the extra attention paid to high rigidity and strength of the mechanical structure during design, this type of high-pressure pump has better performance and durability under high-strength, intermittent high-frequency startup, or higher operating pressure and high-load conditions for long periods of time.

Deep Dive:What is Triplex Pump? and How does it work?

Comparing Efficiency: Axial vs Triplex Pumps

Generally speaking, the volumetric efficiency of swash plate-drive pumps is not as effective as that of crankshaft and connecting rod structure pumps due to the delayed spring action. Additionally, the lateral force generated by the swash plate on the plunger is greater than that of the crankshaft and connecting rod. Therefore, under higher pressure loading, the wear and tear on metal structural components is more severe and maintenance cost is relatively high compares to its pump cost.

Maintenance Costs and Considerations

As a result, it is more common to simply replace the entire pump when repairing or maintenance is required. Therefore, this type of high-pressure pump is more suitable for less frequent use in household market. As for the triplex-plunger crankshaft-driven pump, because the strength of metal structural components is usually enforced, the parts that need to be regularly maintained and replaced are mainly consumables such as rubber that are easily worn. Although the initial acquirement cost is higher, the service life performance and maintenance cost are advantageous.

Which Pump is Right for You?

Therefore, this type of high-pressure pump is more suitable for industrial production lines or commercial high-frequent use demands.
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