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Best Triplex Pressure Washer Pump: Top Picks


Understanding the Triplex Cylinder Crankshaft-Driven Pump

The triplex cylinder crankshaft-driven high pressure pump is proved with good stability, pumping efficiency, and reliability. It is commonly used in industrial production lines or in markets that require highly frequent use, such as equipment that operates 24/7, large-scale seawater desalination plants, commercial car washes, or facilities for sewage treatment.
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Considerations When Selecting a Triplex Pump

Because the design of triplex cylinder crankshaft-driven pump often emphasizes high rigidity and high strength of the mechanical structure, several key points should be considered when selecting this type of pump.
  1. Speed limitation

    Generally speaking, increasing the RPM of the pump will increase the output flow rate. However, pumps designed by different manufacturers have different optimal RPM range for operation, which can be learnt from the pump performance analysis. Exceeding or falling below the speed range may affect the pump's service life or intake efficiency.
  2. Flow rate applicability

    The pumping efficiency of high-pressure pumps decreases with changes in operating pressure. At the same time, the nozzle at the outlet end has a minimum flow rate requirement under specific pressure conditions. Therefore, theoretically the suction capacity of the pump should be at least 10-30% higher than the discharge flow rate. This depends on the manufacturing precision of pumps by different manufacturers, the degree to which volumetric efficiency is affected by operating pressure, as well as the installation of pipelines.
  3. Structural strength

    The pump strength designed by different manufactures are mostly determined by the maximum operating pressure. Some low-cost pumps that are incapable of sustaining heavy duty may have insufficient structural strength, which can lead to structural damage after a period of operation, which is not visible to human eyes. This situation will seriously affect the pump's service life, efficiency, and maintenance costs, and in severe cases, it may even damage the entire system. Therefore, learning information of each manufacturer's structural design is quite important.
  4. Consumables cost

    Under normal operation, the seals, packing, and some valves inside of pumps are consumables that will wear out over time. Therefore, the purchasing cost and convenience of acquiring consumable parts are important for long-term operation of high-pressure pumps. In particular, the acquiring cost of non-off-shelf consumable parts can often affect the total cost of system downtime.
  5. Matching engine or motor

    The flow rate and operating pressure of a pump determine the required HP of power source. An oversized power configuration is a waste of energy and may also result in poor power consumption performance. Vice versa, an under configured power source is likely to cause motor burnout or engine shut down.
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Please choose a correct triplex cylinder crankshaft-driven high pressure pump that suits your applications.

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