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A collaboration between Mist La Moda and ARK Manor created a dream outdoor wedding

Our newly developed series of Mist La Moda conceptual products have successfully taking a step forward. Together with nature rich and relaxing style of "Ark Manor," which originates from a traditional farmhouse, we created a new concept of cool atmosphere in the nights of Ark Manor.
"Ark Manor" is an artistic space. Cheryl, the owner of the estate and a designer, has transformed the traditional farmhouse into an ideal garden for holding various public events such as weddings, new products announcements, new book launch events, seminars, or simply gatherings among friends

On July 14, a beautiful wedding was held in "Ark Manor". Surrounded by the fog like mist produced by Mist La Moda LED lamination misting garden lights, the wedding was enjoyed in a cool, bugs out, and romantic surrounding. The hot outdoor garden was switched to a comfortable, relaxing, and modern space.

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