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DIAMOND stainless steel spray accessories suitable for disinfection have been certified by customers

The most challenging aspect of livestock farming is how to deal with the immanent viruses and bacteria. Devastating diseases such as foot-and-mouth disease, African swine fever, bird-flu, and mad cow disease are all serious nightmares for livestock farmers. Therefore, regular and detailed disinfection are needed measure to prevent losses. In this regard, the correct use of disinfectants and equipment plays a crucial role.

Commonly used disinfectants on livestock farms include hypochlorous acid, sodium hypochlorite, or peracetic acid. These disinfectants have a certain level of toxicity and corrosiveness, use them with consideration of whether or not they are harmful to the animals and if they can be excreted from the animals' bodies before being sent to slaughterhouse. In this respect, peracetic acid, despite its higher cost, is an excellent choice for disinfectants due to its low toxicity to humans, short decay time, and easy excretion.

To satisfy the need of our customers, Tanong collaborated with a subsidiary of Japan Agricultural Cooperation "JA" in developing a series of spraying units and accessories suitable for operating with highly corrosive disinfectants such as peracetic acid. These units and accessories are designed to withstand high-pressure operations as well as long-term storage without damage.

Among them, our full-stainless-steel G9 spray gun, which has re-developed for such application, was designed and verified with rigorousness, including material selection, mold development, selecting particular acid-resistant welding materials, and choosing corrosion-resistant O-rings. After went through 5,000 hours of static immersion test, dynamic high-pressure spraying at 50 bar, and loading test, our G9 spray gun has passed and been verified by our customer with its performance and quality.

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