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PANASONIC's two-fluid mist machine has been approved for shipment!


After more than a year of dedication along withour subsidiary “APPLIED FLUID TECHNOLOGY” in the project of ProgrammableControl Twin-fluid Misting Machine, the project has successfully beenrecognized and receivedproduction approval from PANASONIC Corporation Japan. The success of this projecthas verified Tanong’s capability in design and manufacturing for high-endsystem, which is expected to draw more projects and substantial revenue to ouroperation.
The development of this Programmable Control Twin-fluid Misting Machine from zero to success has demonstrated our capability in electromechanical integration and system planning and design. Through the intensive communications between our team and PANASONIC either through video conference or other communication media at the initial stage, the concept of this project went from vague to structural. Through motion simulations to rationalize the mechanisms and to identify and eliminate potential risks before going into actual sampling, the time to try-and-error and problem investigation has been tremendously saved.

This project is involved with air compressor and electrical safety regulations which were not something we were familiar with. On top of these, the size and weight of this machine were limited and all materials and components need to comply with RoHS II regulations. In order to overcome all these challenges, we devoted significant human and material resources into the development of this project. Through intensive weekly video conferences to exchange ideas and information with PANASONIC, we managed to keep this project on schedule and on track to finish the phases of mechanical construction and pipeline designs, programmable control unit design and verification, setting up production and QC standard and procedures, producing technical documentations, and contributing to machine’s marketing materials for the customers.

Tanong took care the jobs of original design and original manufacturing in this project included electromechanical integration of high-pressure pumps and other devices. The whole developing process is taken seriously and full of creativity, starting from scratching concept and feasibility evaluation to cost assessment, all of such tasks were carried out through team collaboration. Our efforts not limited to offering product design and development, production line planning and setting, technical documentation making, but also to obtaining relevant safety certifications, and, most importantly, engaged in strict confidentially planning with our customers. These are the assurances of providing our customers’ with high-quality ODM/OEM services.

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