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Radial Power Sprayer


Development of Radial Power Sprayer

In order to resolve some inconveniences in traditional belt drive power sprayers, Tanong developed direct-drive radial power sprayers. On the base of traditional high pressure power sprayer, we introduced new concept, new technology, and new materials to this line of direct drive radial power sprayers. We hope this evolution step will lead to evolve the power sprayer industry in Taiwan.
In the past when packing/sealing materials were less strong, plating technology for plunger surface was insufficient, and material choices for connecting rods and crankshaft were limited in Taiwan, power sprayers were less possible to sustain high RPM operation. While high precision components for direct drive power sprayers were not possible, we could only design belt drive power sprayers run at 600 or 800 RPM max. back then. Nowadays, thanks to the availability of advanced materials and machining technologies, making a power sprayer working at high RPM has become less problematic. We therefore decided that radial power sprayer is a feasible and correct development direction, and our endeavor in this pump shall continue.

The Feature of Radial Power Sprayer

Radial sprayer pump is directly driven by a low-speed engine or a 4P induction motor. The RPM is at 1450/1750 of a motor or 1800 of a slow-speed engine.
Our direct drive radial power sprayer is not an innovation. It is based on same physics as traditional belt-drive power sprayer. We replace the connecting rods with slippers, and replace triplex crankshaft with a single eccentric shaft. Both radial power sprayer and traditional power sprayer utilize valves and packings. While the plungers in traditional sprayer pump works horizontally side by side, the plungers in radial sprayer pump are in radial setup. These 2 types of sprayer pumps apply the same physics in design and are made for same applications.

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